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Reflections on China by Bev Cumming

14 Jan 2022 2:46 PM | Anonymous

Reflections on China

by Bev Cumming

With Chinese New Year a short time away and with all the news and controversy revolving around China, and the upcoming Olympics in Beijing, I have been thinking about our trip to China.  Along with our travel buddies our interest was piqued to travel to China in the Fall of 2018. It was hard to resist the very “cheap” offer of an all- inclusive experience, including airfare. So off we went across the Pacific, 15 days on a bus, 2 internal flights, and a Yangtze River cruise and I was left with the following impression:


The Sleeping Dragon in the throws of wakefulness stirs, stretches, and  shakes off what came before. With consciousness, the past is a fuzzy dream.   Distant villages for the old – Megacities for the young who search for something better. The old ways being replaced . . .

          Rice paddies by wind farms,

          Calligraphy by Smart phones,

          Rickshaws by motorbikes,

          Sampans by cruise ships,

          Silk robes by high couture,                                              

          Soldiers by tourists,

          Humble homes by high rises,

          Footpaths by paved highways,

          Fishing poles by brief cases,

          And on and on and on . . .

Amazing ancient achievements  are enjoyed by visitors with their welcome “ yuan “. Crowds mingle at a Tea plantation, a Pearl factory, a Silk and Embroidery Centre, a School of Chinese Medicine. Then, finally, at the Dragon’s scaly back – The Great Wall! Still a powerful reminder of what can be achieved if the will is strong. 

The Sleeping Dragon, awake now, wings fully spread is a force that cannot be ignored. 

As the world struggles through the devastation of this Pandemic, instead of global cooperation, there is increased tension among the more powerful nations. In this new Year of the Tiger, China’s economic and military power is intimidating the Western World. However, as much as we were amazed by the construction and technology, our true awe was for warmth of our hosts and guides, and the history and culture that we encountered. It was all a great life experience and we learned a lot – as my husband remarked, “Now we know what they call Chinese food in China – FOOD! “

Gong hei fat choy(恭喜发财)



  • 15 Jan 2022 12:20 PM | Pat Pitsel
    Brought back memories of my own trip to China - back 40 years go. Seems as if not much has changed.
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    • 15 Jan 2022 5:23 PM | Kathy Newman
      I love the Dragon Metaphor, Bev! Thanks for reminding me that meeting the people of of country often positively offsets what is happening with the government in power.
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