Confederation Park 55+ to implement Restrictions Exemption Program as of Sept 20, 2021

Why Volunteer at Confederation Park 55+?

 7 Great Reasons To Volunteer:

    • Connect with your community
    • Meet new people 
    • Make a difference 
    • Contribute to a cause that you care about 
    • Help others
    • Use your skills in a productive way
    • Feel good about yourself

 Volunteer Opportunities:

    • Kitchen
    • Reception
    • Boutique on the park
    • Special Event
    • Board of Directors (vacancies available; visit our AGM 2020 page for details)
    • Tea & Conversation
    • Committees

 We can and we will accommodate you if you are able to volunteer once a year,

 once a week, or even once in a while. 

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Contact us 

 Volunteer Coordinator

 Richard Ma

 Phone# 403-289-4780 ext 200


 Volunteer Coordinator

 Debbie Nay

 Phone# 403-289-4780 ext 206


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