The Wisdom of the Elders? by MacTwachle

11 Mar 2022 1:37 AM | Anonymous

The Wisdom of the Elders?

by MacTwachle

When we get older we may think that we have become wiser.  Well, we do have 20/20 ….hindsight. Whether that is wisdom,  I cannot say. Every generation since the dawn of talking man has believed that the Old have something to tell the Young. Perhaps we do. Many younger generations have believed their grandparents were one brick shy of a load and had nothing to  contribute to a world that was ‘different now’. Certainly in the  past 200 years we have seen events and technologies speed up in  an astonishing way, so if we seem a little out of step, that is  hardly surprising.  

The 1st Nations have much to teach us, their uninvited guests,  about honouring the elders. Without those Elders, their culture  would have been completely lost. They find their identity in that  culture so it is of vital importance to their view of themselves.  

So what would I tell my Granddaughter that might help her with  her life in tomorrow’s world. She is already not a creature of the  main herd. So I perhaps do not need to tell her to make her own  mind up about what she sees and what she hears, but I’ll mention it anyway. I might recommend to her that she seek out  books that can show her the different sides to many stories. I must remember to tell her not to just eat the wieners of life.  Huh? Well, its my Carpe Diem message. What if my granddaughter were a wild child ? I might suggest she take up  hobbies that would give her the thrills she might seem to be  seeking, without destroying her life.  

To any young person I might say - Do not hate without just  cause. Make sure you find a life partner with whom you are  truly compatible - I failed that one - Love your fellow man with  as much compassion as you can summon. - That one fits with  “Every black beetle has a mommy that loves it”. Whatever job you find yourself doing - do it to the best of your ability. On second thought, if your job is nefarious, like Al Capone…. this is where old wisdom collapses!! 

Remember to stop and smell the roses. Daily life is made up of  1,000 tiny moments, each one of them a precious miracle. The  sunrise, the fresh snowfall, and hey I’m still breathing and I  made it to work on time - yea! That makes life a celebration.

Each person must find their own path. All we can do is hand  them a map and pray they use it. I invite the reader to imagine  what they might say to a young person of today, faced with  today's challenges and the hazards of tomorrow.


  • 11 Mar 2022 4:43 PM | Kathy Newman
    Super Blog! I think I would pass on the advice that it is okay to have boundaries!
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  • 12 Mar 2022 10:06 AM | Bev
    I hope that our grandchildren see me as having kept up a wee bit(not completely)to the different world and not yet "one brick shy of a load".

    Love your writing style in your blogs and in Book Club reports.
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  • 13 Mar 2022 12:44 PM | Mari-Anna McCargar
    Great insight into the world "we" lived in and the world the young are living in. Hopefully they will find the right path in their lives.
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