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Two Degrees of Separation by Janet Wees

26 Apr 2021 2:16 PM | Anonymous

Two Degrees of Separation

The theory of six degrees of separation doesn’t apply to people from Saskatchewan. It’s more like two degrees. We are connected to “a small world.” This may apply to all prairie provinces.

My father, from Saskatchewan, served overseas during WWII. He met Benny, from Manitoba, when they were on leave in London. Of course, they shared photos of their wives. When my dad showed a photo of my mom, Benny exclaimed, “That’s Annie!” They’d gone to school together in Winnipeg! After the war, we lived 52 miles apart and our families visited regularly.

I grew up in Saskatchewan, but when I was pregnant, we lived in Ontario. My first doctor’s visit was in Lindsay with a Dr. Lindsay. He looked at my file and said, “Saskatchewan! Do you know where Togo is?” Well, I’d spent my childhood there, and as it turns out, had lived next door to his wife!

At the BC/SK reunion before Expo 86, I met a friend from U of S. We walked over to the Kindersley side of BC Place to find her brother Rob. We found him…with my brother! They were best friends. I didn’t know because I never knew Rob’s last name.

As a White Hatter at the Calgary Airport, I was helping Burton Cummings one day. We talked about Winnipeg, and when I mentioned my maiden name, he got excited because he was a childhood friend of my cousin.

A different small world experience was when, also at the airport, I was helping a young man from a KLM flight. Being familiar with Holland I asked him where he was from, and I just felt he would say somewhere I knew. When he said, “Nunspeet”, I almost hugged him. I have a friend there! When I mentioned her name, he said, “She’s my mother’s best friend!” And he called his mother on the spot.

So, a friendly hint - always talk to people when you travel or meet them. Don’t be afraid to ask “Do you happen to know…?” You may find a connection 2 degrees away!


  • 26 Apr 2021 4:02 PM | Anonymous
    I agree that there seem to be many "connections" among people on the prairies. I spoke to a couple of young guys at the airport and when they said they were from Saskatchewan of course I asked what town they were from. It was my hometown, but we were a couple of generations apart!!
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