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Take a Shot - by Bev Cumming

16 Apr 2021 10:29 AM | Anonymous

Take a Shot . . .

Did you know there are a number of people who say they will not get a vaccine to help slow down or even eliminate Covid 19?

Here I am, a Canadian, an Alberta  Senior who is usually pretty laid back about things that our Governments do or don’t do.  I might complain to my friends about things like lack of a Pharmacare program, the scarcity of affordable housing, the cancelling of Provincial bus service and so on.  These things are  difficult, but for the most part are not life threatening. Covid 19 is a danger to us all.

I look on myself as a moderate in many ways.  However, the reaction some people have toward steps taken to thwart the Pandemic has brought out a hard-nosed, unsympathetic side of me.  Refusing to wear masks as recommended is bad enough, but some of the reasons for avoiding the vaccine would be laughable, if not so startling and dangerous.

One lady told me that she wouldn’t get the vaccine because she had been around lots of people who had tested positive and she ”didn’t get it”.  Another said she didn’t need the vaccine because she took Vitamin D which lessened the chance of becoming very sick if you contacted the disease.  The explanation that really made my jaw drop was that the idea that the government was injecting tiny microbes (?) into us so that we would be under the influence of mind-control!

I have now come to be absolutely convinced that there should be no “right of refusal” to the vaccine.  Each of us must do  our part in defeating this disease.  Sometimes the driving force must be the greater good . . . laws to ensure the safety and well-being of the population.  I would go as far to make sure that existing vaccinations for ALL communicable diseases would also be compulsory.

 I am looking forward to the issuing of a Covid 19 “Passport” for travel both in- country and internationally.   This would be no more trouble than having a license to drive a car.  I imagine this document could be required by airlines, cruise ships, and other modes of transportation.  Will I feel that my personal freedom is being denied?  Not at all! 

We are all in this together and we must do our part to keep each other safe.  Please wear those masks and get vaccinated so, hopefully, we can once again get together and enjoy life.

Submitted by: Bev Cumming

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