#3 Retro

19 Feb 2021 11:30 AM | Anonymous

Have you ever thought back to your early days? The following “day in the life “ is a flash back to the 50s. As you read this reflection, do you relate to it as the mom or as the kids? All depends how old you are.

The percolator made its bloop bloop sound and filled the kitchen with the wonderful aroma of freshly perked Nabob coffee as I dialed the phone to chew the fat with my pal, Alice.

It rang busy so I thought well, I will call back later and picked up my Chatelaine magazine and plopped into the chesterfield.

“Heavens to Murgatroyd!” Just as I sat down, the milkman knocked at the back door. I had forgotten to leave the order on the milk box. So I put down my magazine and headed to the back porch. “I’ll take one quart of whole milk and a pound of butter.”

I had forgotten to colour the margarine that morning so figured I could splurge and buy a little butter for supper tonight, pot roast with freshly baked buns. In fact, it was time to punch down the dough so I scurried back to the kitchen careful not to drop the glass bottle of milk. Just as I took out the dough, the phone rang. I wiped my hands on my apron and went to answer just in case it was an emergency. It was Alice. She must have psychic powers to know I had phoned. But I had to say I’d call her back. The cord wasn’t long enough to reach the kitchen counter and that bread really needed to be rolled into little buns.

Three thirty and the kids would soon be home from school. Well, I wasn’t going to get the ironing done today so I tipped the board back into its wall cupboard and put the clothing rolled in damp tea towels back in the fridge. Carefully removing the cream from the top of the milk, I pulled some Dad’s cookies out of the cupboard just as I heard their bicycles arrive at the back. “Hi, mom,” the boys called through the screen door.

Don’t let the door.....” Too late. The screen door bounced against the frame. One day I was 

sure it was going to fall off. But I was very happy to see them as the chowed down on the cookies and milk. “Homework first then you can go play.”

“Gee willikers, mom!” Charlie protested but he wanted to get to the television before dad got home and put on the news. So he pulled out his books, sat at the chrome kitchen table and started to write in his scribbler.

Before long, their dad came home and we all sat down for the meal of pot roast and vegetables from the garden. Dessert was preserved peaches from last fall and the family holiday to the Okanagan. We talked about our day, cleared the table and washed the dishes. After the boys went to bed, Jack and I had a chance to catch up. “Phew! What a busy day!” I complained.

I have redefined busy. Redefined simple. Redefined family time. Come to think of it. Everything seems different. It’s a pandemic! I’m blogging now, composing on my iPad using voice to text. Who could have imagined??

By Anita Mann


  • 3 Mar 2021 11:31 AM | Anonymous
    You have created a very familiar and comfortable setting. I can smell the baking bread and buns!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
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