Inspiring Adults to Stay Active and Stay Involved

Tea & Conversation

Thursdays 1:30 - 2:30

Due to Covid, T&C for the fall will be invites only.

Tea & Conversation

This weekly event provides mature adults in the community with an easily accessible program to enhance personal well–being, Inspiring Adults to Stay Active and Stay Involved.


This is an opportunity to gather with the other guests and members of the community. Together we build new friendships, nourish old friendships, and become part of our Confederation Park T&C FAMILY.



T&C is part of a strong community network designed to be a welcoming environment where there is no discrimination based on age, social status, ability, or other health concerns. We strive to be inclusive to all mature adults and maintain a safe space.


At Tea & Conversation we provide our guests with the following opportunities:


  •     For qualifying guests, arrangements for transportation to and from the program by taxi can be made. This ensures their safety and allows an independent outing that your senior can look forward to.


  •    A variety of entertainment for their musical enjoyment. Live music filled with nostalgic songs and dancing from a familiar era which brings bright smiles, a little bit of exercise and the occasional sing-along.


  •     Benefits from access to community related businesses and the up and coming events at the Centre such as: flu shot clinics, hearing aid assistance, home care services and information on independent or assisted living retirement residences.


  •    Provides an opportunity to get more involved with the Centre outside of T&C as a volunteer. This can be a small but meaningful way to help with a sense of contribution and purpose.


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For Questions Please Contact:

Debbie Nay - Tea & Conversation Coordinator

403- 289-4780 ext(231)

Tea & Conversation

No events available

Past events

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11 Jul 2019 Stampede Event
4 Jul 2019 T & C - The Confederates
27 Jun 2019 T & C - Lyn McAdoo
13 Jun 2019 T & C Timeless Jazz
6 Jun 2019 T & C The Confederates
31 Jan 2019 T & C -Timeless Reflections
24 Jan 2019 T & C -Randy Porier
17 Jan 2019 T & C - Timeless Jazz
10 Jan 2019 T & C - Greg Rumpel
3 Jan 2019 T & C - The Confederates
20 Dec 2018 T & C - Sox & Sax
13 Dec 2018 T & C - Greg Rumpel
6 Dec 2018 T & C - The Confederates
29 Nov 2018 Tea & Conversation
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