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The following individuals have agreed to stand for election.

Bill Kurtze - Standing for Election

Dorothy Dyer - Standing for Election

Lynn Greig - Standing for Election

Muyideen Elegbede - Standing for Re-Election

Pat Pitsel - Standing for Re-Election

Gillian Lines - Standing for Election

Rael Kalley - Standing for Election


Bill Kurtze

Bill spent 80% of his 31-year career in the non-profit segments of the Canada’s oil and gas industry. 

As Manager of the Independent Petroleum Association, he devoted many years trying to ensure the views of Canada’s smaller and medium-sized oil and gas explores and producers were included in the policy decisions of the federal, and western provincial governments.

As Managing Director of the Propane Gas Association, he worked for more than a decade to safeguard the needs of propane producers and marketers. In addition, he spearheaded the creation and delivery of the programs and services of the industry’s training institute and its emergency response organization. As Chief Operating Officer (COO), he managed all aspects of both the Association’s overall economic health and its workforce.

He would be honoured to serve on the Board of the Confederation Park +55 Activity Center in whatever capacity the current Board and its membership sees fit.

Dorothy Dyer

Born and raised in Calgary, I have deep roots in the community. I worked as a teacher and then principal for 40 years mostly at the elementary and middle school level. In the role of principal, I have overseen budgets of as much as 6 million dollars and supervised staffs of over 45 people, as well as overseeing education and well-being of students in schools up to 650 boys and girls. I have served on a multitude of committees over those years.

I was also an active member of the Alberta Teachers’ Association (ATA) at both the local and provincial level. As examples, I sat on the ATA Professional Conduct Committee for several years and was involved in the negotiation of three Collective Agreements for Rocky View teachers.

In these roles I have learned and applied much to do with governance, law, management and human dynamics as well as, of course, the education of children. The acquired skills and knowledge have application to other organizations such as the Confederation Park Plus 55 Activity Centre.

My greatest satisfaction arises from having a son and daughter as well as two grandchildren who keep me very busy. My personal interests include curling, riding my bike, golfing, and gardening. I have been involved with the Confederation Park +55 Activity Centre in the chorus as well as the writing club.

I have been retired for five years and have been looking for a place to volunteer and contribute to a cause or organization. Now that my drawers are tidy and the walls are all painted, it’s time to commit!

Lynn Greig

I am proud to put my name forward to be a part of the Board for the Confederation Park 55+ Community Centre.
Before becoming a Real Estate Agent for 35 years, with Remax, I was the Assistant to the V.P. of Land  for Mobil Oil. I have three grown children and am a very “hands on” grandma to four wonderful grandkids.

I am a relatively new member (2 years), but, volunteer and participate in classes and groups as much as I can.  Each one is filled with wonderful, friendly and enthusiastic people (Pickleball probably one of the most enthusiastic)!
I live in the Community of Capital Hill  and was on their Board of Directors for 6 years. I was also a member of  The Calgary Real Estate Board Charitable Foundation Board of Governors for 4 years..  In this capacity, I Chaired the Ways and Means Committee and the Annual Golf Tournament (which was our major fundraiser).  It was one of the most successful years, in spite of me having  never played a game of golf ever!!  Fantastic learning experience.

I volunteer at the Centre and also at the Mustard Seed and CalgaryFood Bank, both of these I take my 2 teenage grandkids with, to teach them the importance of service, giving and gratitude..

Volunteering and “giving back” has always been very important to me and serving the members of Confederation Park 55+ community, on their Board, would be a privilege.

Muyideen Elegbede

I love volunteering. I joined Confederation Park 55+ over 2 years ago as a Director.

I brought on board 20 years experience with diverse background in oil and gas, accounting and finance, operations, project management and controls.

My goal is improved strategic management and controls for the board. I have passion for family value, volunteering and entrepreneurship.

I am blessed with 4 kids, two boys and two girls.

Pat Pitsel

I joined the Board at Confederation Park in 2017 as an Interim Director and was elected as a Director in 2018.  I have served as Interim President since the Fall of 2019.

Confederation Park is truly a unique organization, focusing not only on activities that will help in keeping all of us young in spirit and active in mind, but also on educating our members about issues of interest and concern to Seniors.  My particular area of interest is our new Advocacy committee where we will not only provide educational presentations to our members but provide an important voice to all levels of Government on critical seniors’ issues.

I believe my previous experience on Not-for-profit Boards (Calgary Convention Authority, Calgary Police Commission, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Alberta Community Crime Prevention Assn) has been an asset in helping to promote governance and policy processes at the Board level.

Rael Kalley


Rael has been an educator, speaker, trainer and business performance coac for 25 years.

He is the President of Strategic Pathways Inc., and developer of OnCourse,a multi-tier self-growth coaching program that has elevated the standard of performance coaching.

His "Obession" - 100 Day Boot Campt to Optimal Performance" cohorts are consistently delivered to sold-out corporate audiences.

Rael's THE 5 TRUTHS have become the foundation upon which companies, both large and small, base their strategic decision-making.

He has also delveloped eight additional strategic business applications that are in use across North America including his proprietary culture-change methodology which is now in use in many Canadian companies.

His passion for helping others achieve results that they believe to be beyond ther grasp is what gets him out of bed in the morning. The desire to connect with people in a meaningful, authentic way and ultimately help them change their lives is the driving force behind his bestselling book, Life Sinks or Soars - The Choice is Yours.

Many self-development books tell you what to do; they just don't really explain how to do it. Life Sinks or Soars - The Choice is Yours not only gives you that what, it will provide the why, when and how.

An in-demand speaker, Rael has been sharing his message with audiences across North America since the book was first published in 2010.

His second book Everything You Believe to Be True is True ...Until It Isn't will be published this fall.

In the interest of transparency: Rael Kalley is Executive Director,  Jeannette Provo's, Business Coach.

Gillian Lines

I have been volunteering there since last January (in the kitchen and boutique), and just before Covid, joined the Events Committee.  I also have attended a few classes and events at the centre.

My previous experience has been as a board member in three different organizations:  Let It Roll Society (secretary, 2013-14)) – a club for gamers, The Phoenix Club (president, 1989-92) – a club for adult university students, and Con-Version (hotel liaison, guest co-ordinator, 1982-85) – a yearly science fiction convention.  These positions have given me a great deal of experience at working with and managing groups of people.

I have been retired now for five years having previously been a teacher for twenty+ years where I not only taught in the classroom, but also served on various committees panning and organizing events.

Most recently I have been working at Little Scholars Daycare.  First as a Child Care Supervisor, then as an Associate Director, and lately setting up a program for ESL (kindergarten) at the daycare.

I love working both with young children and adults and am very committed to serving the Confederation Centre to the best of my ability.

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