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  • 12 Feb 2021 11:25 AM | Anonymous

    Should You Choose to Live in a Retirement Home?

    Many people, after the age of 75 (or in some cases before that) begin to consider the possibility of moving into a seniors’ residence.  Perhaps they are beginning to experience some health problems and worry that they might die alone in their house or their condo. Perhaps their children are pressuring them to move, again because of possible health concerns.

    It might be because the yard work or the housekeeping has become too much, or a general lack of mobility keeps them isolated and alone.  In my own case, a TIA was a clear warning that an environment where there was fast access to medical assistance was preferable to living alone. After all, I did not want my relatives to have to break down my condo door only to find that my cat had been snacking on my 5 day old corpse.

    Here, then, are some things to consider.

    Do take a tour of senior residences in those parts of the city in which you would like to live. How close do you want to be to family and friends?  If you will be sharing space with a partner, ask yourself if you both will be happy living in a reduced space. Sometimes, after retirement, peace and harmony reign only when there is sufficient private space.

    Go in with a list of those things that are important to you. Is it important to have a lawn and gazebo with comfortable seating for the 6 days of summer we get? Do you want a gym with exercise equipment to maintain your fitness?

    I have been living in an “upscale” (read Private) Seniors’ residence for 3 years now, and this is what I wish I had asked before I moved in and what I would look at if I were making this decision today.

    1.    What are the “extra” costs associated with living here?  In my case, parking, “special” housekeeping services like turning a mattress or dusting the top of cupboards, hairdresser, etc. Don’t assume ALL costs are covered.

    2.    What are the meal arrangements? Is there assigned seating or can you sit by yourself if you wish? Are ALL meals covered under your contract or just one or two? Is cafeteria style available or are all meals served?

    3.    What qualifications do the medical on-site staff have?  What medical services are available on site?

    4.    If you do not have a car, what is the process for buying groceries or other shopping?

    5.    Are all residents independent or are there a percentage of suits rented to those on “assisted living”? What percentage is allocated to those with cognitive decline?

    6.    What is the ratio of staff to residents?  What percent of staff are permanent full-time? What is the staff turn-over rate?

    7.    Is there an official complaint process or dispute resolution process?

    8.    Can residents freely come and go to their suite, and have visitors in?

    9.    What kind of security does the facility have?

    10. Are the majority of residents drawn from the same type of people you socialize with now?

    While living in a residence may not be the best choice for everyone, it may be absolutely the best choice for some.

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    5 Feb 2021 2:19 PM | Anonymous

    In our little Writing Club, “No Dead Horses”, we have made our way through a variety of writing exercises, character sketches, short stories, poetry like Limericks and Haiku, and we were ready to take on another challenge.  ‘Let’s write a Blog,” someone said.  What?  Write a Blog?  Before I could start, I had to find out what a Blog is.  Here’s what I discovered . . .

    Blog:  On-line personal reflections, opinions, comments about activities and experiences.  

    Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  I’ve never had trouble verbalizing my opinions, ideas, or questions about things.  Now, all that has to be done is communicate these in an interesting way and in print form!  So here goes, from my “Ageless Mind” to you . . .

    With only a few Xmas presents waiting under the tree, I picked the one with the prettiest wrapping paper to open first.  Eagerly I pulled back the paper and there it was - “Himalaya Salt Table Lamp”? I couldn’t resist licking a finger and wiping it down the side of the lamp to discover it really is salt! What will I do with it?  The lamp needs to be plugged in and would need an extension –cord which might be a tripping hazard.  It won’t provide enough light to read by or to light my way to the bathroom.  It can’t be displayed with all my other collections - pigs, hedgehogs, Ukrainian Eggs, and moose. Nor will it fit with our extensive travel memorabilia we have on display.  

    Maybe this unusual and unneeded gift will be the impetus I need to pack up my treasures.  I’m sure you have heard that our kids don’t want any of the “good” things that our generation accumulated because we felt we needed them”.  That is why I have a plan to skip a generation and off-load our things on the grandchildren who might appreciate some of Granny’s stuff. 

    I can imagine there might be some haggling over a few items such as  the silver candle snuffer or even the green marble mantle clock which, like the Grandfather’s clock of song, hasn’t chimed in years.  The crystal water jug and glasses and the pewter tea set from pre-war China will fit nicely into whatever style of décor is popular.  However, when they find the lamp made from Himalayan salt, I’m afraid that might be one they’ll argue over!

    The grandchildren have always been a competitive bunch and this time a contest might be required to claim a treasured, but very “unusual” lamp.  However, tucked inside the box I have included a note suggesting that the lamp should pass from one to the other at Xmas.  With eight grandchildren, it would be eight years before it started its rounds again.   Each would get to enjoy this conversation piece as I have.  As well, every time it came up in conversation, they would be thinking of me!  Clever, n’est pas?

    Granny C.


  • 25 Jan 2021 10:54 AM | Anonymous

     According to Merriam-Webster, a blog is “a regular feature appearing as part of an online publication that typically relates to a particular topic and consists of articles and personal commentary by one or more authors.”

    So, here we are and here is where we plan to be on a weekly basis.

    The articles will be of interest to Seniors, written by Seniors. There will be three regular contributors, and one guest contributor every fourth week.

    No topic is off the table for our intrepid bloggers.  We sincerely hope that you will laugh, think, agree, or seriously disagree with the opinions of our writers.  As one of them said recently, “if some people don’t disagree about some positions, then we won’t be doing our job”.

    Why are we doing this?  Glad you asked.

    First, we all have strong opinions on some topics.  Some might even call us opinionated.  Whatever.

    Second, we have a strong commitment to Seniors, their issues, and their psychological well being. After all, this is our age cohort.

    Third, we want to create a forum where Seniors can express their views on various topics of the day. We invite you to respond to any article you read – like, dislike, curious, confused-anything except silence. That would make us shrivel up!

    Who can read the blog?

    Initially, the plan is to make this blog available to the membership of Confederation Park, and then, if it appears to be of interest to our membership, expand it to any other Senior who belongs to a Seniors’ group; and then finally open it up to any Senior living in the city.

    We are certainly not going to submit any potential reader to an integrity test. If you want to be an admiring reader, then you’re welcome – over or under 55. We’d even invite you to send any blog you find particularly interesting, amusing, thoughtful, or provocative to those on your email list.

    When can we expect to see our first blog?

    We know you are almost vibrating with anticipation, and we plan our first edition for Friday, Feb. 12.

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