Thoughts for Today by Bev Cumming

28 May 2021 10:39 AM | Anonymous

Thoughts for Today . . .

I’m sure that you have all become aware of the many inspirational messages that are seen everywhere these days.  They are the kind of thing that our grandmothers might have embroidered on pillow covers to complement the antimacassars on the parlor sofas.  Now we see these words of motivation on posters and even on tee shirts.  I noticed a collection of these encouraging messages on a sign that hangs above the toilet in the Ladies’ washroom at my dentist’s office!

I slowly read them all and considered how each would relate to those of us in our 8th decade.   For example, “Make a Wish” wouldn’t work for me.  I have learned over the years that genies and fairies can’t be counted on.  To have things change requires communication, dedication, negotiation and sacrifice by more than one person in almost any situation.  A certain amount of give-and-take is needed whether dealing with relationships close to home or internationally.  Maybe the “wish” idea should be replaced with something like “get involved” or “do your part”.

One of the messages I could identify with said, ”Make Your Own Happiness”.  This rings true for most of us especially during this pandemic.  With social distancing, we can’t count on others to keep us happy.  Many of us have given ourselves a pep talk and decided to forgo the wine and instead have taken up old (or new) pastimes like quilting, crafts, baking, playing an instrument, or even dancing in the living room. With the help of YouTube, we have discovered that there are experts available to guide us in most every endeavor.  We have mastered Zoom and other face - time ways to keep in touch with friends and family.  We are making our own happiness, ergo this Blog!

At my age, the saying that was the most meaningful to me was “Remember to Breathe”.  Luckily, this is something that we do without much thought. One becomes more aware of the act of breathing when taking part in Yoga, Qi Gong, or other activities that emphasize relaxation techniques.   It is hard to escape the many distractions that we have even when we are alone. Sitting comfortably in a dark room, eyes closed, no electronic devices nearby, will lessen interruptions. Almost like being submerged in a sensory deprivation tank, our breaths  slow down and we would suddenly become conscious of air in and air out . . . remembering to breath.  I know that I’m not ready for the alternative!

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